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 Fernando Metelli Collection Visit Site
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URL : http://www.collezioneminerali.it/
This is a non commercial website. I hope you enjoy your visit and bookmark the site to keep coming back! Your suggestions are greately appreciated.

.www.faden.it Visit Site
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URL : http://www.faden.it
A beautiful website on Quartz crystals

A Gem Stone Crystal Mineral source Visit Site
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URL : http://www.mysticmerchant.com
Gem Stones gemstones Crystals minerals metaphysical New Age shopping hearts carved beads tumbled polished sugilite moldavite pietersite tanzanite opal sapphire ruby quartz smoky scepter elestial enhydro agates plume crazy lace laguna dendritic moss obelisk psilomelane jasper jet massage tools energy rhodonite rhodochrosite spheres eggs malachite tourmaline amber amethyst citrine carnelian saginite charoite moonstone lapis lazuli fire agate obsidian bloodstone labradorite spectrolite holly blue amazonite gem silica green man ruby in zoisite rosetta stone sunstone tiger eye tiger iron covellite mtoralite chalcedony calligraphy stone chlorite phantom Handmade fung shui Shaman Jewelry

Agates Australia Visit Site
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URL : http://www.agatesaustralia.com/
Australian Agates from Agate Creek are some of the most beautiful and sought after Agates in the world

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URL : http://www.alaskagarnetmines.com
We supply the Best Mineral Specimens straight from our Alaskan mines at wholesale prices. Alaska Garnet Mines is owned and operated by Istvan Toth - Miner, Wholesaler and Mineral Dealer. Wholesale Prices!

Alpine-Minerals Visit Site
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URL : http://www.alpine-minerals.de/
Fine ństhetic specimens from the alps & Worldwide

Birthday Gift Ideas Visit Site
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URL : http://www.uniquebirthdaygiftsideasformen.com/
Unique Australian Aboriginal Art. Buy hand carved and painted Didgeridoos, Boomerangs, Jewellery, Rainsticks,Aboriginal Art paintings, Frog Callers, Bull Roarers, Boomerangs,Clap Sticks and lots of other unique gifts and gifts for men. Designs by Australian Aborigine Stan Yarramunua from the Yorta Yorta tribe. Orders shipped worldwide.

Bob's Rock Shop Visit Site
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URL : http://www.rockhounds.com/rockshop/llist1.html
The Internet's First 'Zine for Rockhounds...

CfM - Fernando Metelli mineral collection. Visit Site
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URL : http://www.cfm-minerals.it/
Minerals hobbyist, I collect Italian and foreign specimens, with regard to aesthetic and macro-dimensioned pieces. This is a non-commercial site devoted to my collection and to all minerals collectors. The site is regularly updated, with the addition of new photos. I hope you enjoy your visit and you are invited back at any time.

Crown Jewels Visit Site
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URL : http://www.crownjewels.com

Crystal Stargazer Visit Site
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URL : http://www.crystalstargazer.com/
We provide Crystals, Gemstones or Minerals chosen for their Healing properties as well as their beauty. Our emphasis is on quality.

Crystalmaze.co.uk Visit Site
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URL : http://www.crystalmaze.co.uk/
For Quality Cornish, Devon, UK and World Minerals, plus an Auction Page.

Edelweiss Minerals Visit Site
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URL : http://www.edelweissminerals.com
Site Description: Wordlwide fine minerals at affordable prices, many from classic localities. Minerals from Spain and Portugal.

Edwards Minerals Visit Site
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URL : http://www.edwardsminerals.com
Purveyors of fine specimens from around the world.Quality specimens from large miniature to large cabinet size.

Element51 Visit Site
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URL : http://www.element51.com
Interesting minerals, all sizes and prices.

Gianni Minerali Visit Site
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URL : http://www.gianniminerali.it
Interesting italian collector personal website.

Investment Collectables Visit Site
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URL : http://www.investmentcollectables.com/
I collect, sell, buy and exchange fine, as well as good quality, Mineral Specimens (especially 19th.C Cornish items) and additionally, World Cut Gemstones (Precious and Semi-Precious) and Fossils.

J. Adam's Mineral Page Visit Site
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URL : http://www.mineralcollecting.org/

Jungle Gems Visit Site
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URL : http://www.jungle-gems.com/
Exclusive Distributor of Amazon Opal!

Kalahari Minerals Visit Site
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URL : http://www.kalahariminerals.com
Crystals and Minerals from Southern Africa and other parts of the world.

Kristalle Visit Site
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URL : http://www.kristalle.ch
Swiss portal of mineralogy (in german).

Lucky Strike Minerals Visit Site
Hits : 3284 since 27/06/2001
URL : http://www.aluckystrike.com/
Quality Minerals, Reasonable Prices

MAGGIA SANDRO - Italy Visit Site
Hits : 3527 since 03/06/2002
URL : http://www.rareminerals.it

Hits : 5084 since 05/07/2002
URL : http://www.marinmineral.com
Worldwide fine mineral specimens.

mindat.org Visit Site
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URL : http://www.mindat.org/index.php
Mindat.org is probably the largest mineralogical reference on the internet. It was started (as a DOS database) by Jolyon Ralph in 1993 - and was launched for free on the web in October 2000. Currently there are 9595 different minerals, varieties and synonyms listed, and information on 39450 mineral occurrences worldwide, from 6780 different sites.

Mineral Collectors Page Visit Site
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URL : http://www.minerant.org/shopping.html
Home-page of the Mineralogy Club of Antwerp, Belgium. Informatio relevant to mineral collectors, with lots of links to other mineralogy or earth science related sites.

Mineralcollector.com Visit Site
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URL : http://kai-helg.home.online.no
My homepage was created with the purpose of giving other "rockhounders" an opportunity to take a look at pictures of some of my minerals and trps around Norway collecting them.

Minerals for sale from CRYSTAL VINE Visit Site
Hits : 3379 since 07/05/2001
URL : http://www.crystalvine.co.uk/
Fine quality British and worldwide minerals,
crystals and carvings for sale, on line auctions as well.

Minerals, fossils and archaeology Visit Site
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URL : http://perso.wanadoo.fr/claude.roy/MINERAUX.htm
We are amateurs collectors and we propose some specimens, doubles and pieces from France and other countries.

Mineralspauli.com Visit Site
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URL : http://www.mineralspauli.com
I have been a mineral collector for more 30 years (from 1976), I have accumulated experience and knowledge and to see that i have so much more illusion that at firts, it has made me to decide to celebrate it creating this web page to share it with the friends of the mineralogical world my own personal satisfaction.
PaulÝ Figueras

Minernet.it Visit Site
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URL : http://www.minernet.it

On Line minerals Visit Site
Hits : 2928 since 05/06/2002
URL : http://www.onlineminerals.com
Your online mineral site for southern african and international minerals specimens.

Ontariominerals.com Visit Site
Hits : 2815 since 24/05/2001
URL : http://www.ontariominerals.com
A non-commercial website
dedicated to the minerals of the
Province of Ontario, Canada.

Opals Guaranteed for Australian opals, opal jewelr Visit Site
Hits : 3032 since 25/02/2004
URL : http://www.opals-opals.biz/
Opals Guaranteed for Australian opal, opal jewelry, black opal and opal rough. Also features a knowledge center and popular monthly opal newsletter.

Pacific Rim Gem & Mineral LLC Visit Site
Hits : 3220 since 16/03/2002
URL : http://www.mineralsource.com/
Dealers of fine mineral specimens, primarily from Central Asia. Pacific Rim Gem and Mineral LLC has spent time establishing a network of contacts in an effort to bring you some of the finest minerals at very affordable prices. Visit our website and compare our the quality and prices of our minerals to other on-line dealers.

Pickens Minerals Visit Site
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URL : http://www.pickensminerals.com
World wide mineral collection - with on-line purchase order form, message boards and Mineral.

Rainbow Crystal Shoppe Visit Site
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URL : http://www.rainbowcrystalshoppe.com/
Clear quartz crystals come in many shapes and sizes. Here you will find points, clusters, and minerals. I have listed the metaphysical form of each crystal and cluster. Metaphysical forms include channelers, transmitters, dow, generators, windows, rainbows, self-healed, and many more. Also available are amethyst, labradorite, calcite, fluorite, and many more

Rockhounders Web Award Visit Site
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URL : http://www.rockhounders.com/awards/rhaward.htm
The Rockhounders Web Award

Rocks and Crystals in Cape Town South Africa Visit Site
Hits : 2700 since 25/05/2005
URL : http://www.rocksincapetown.com
Large collection of crystals and rocks that are looking
for a good home, never to late to become a rock hound.

Rod Minerals Visit Site
Hits : 3168 since 15/11/2005
URL : http://www.rodminerals.com/
High quality World Wide minerals.

Russian mineral site. Visit Site
Hits : 3759 since 23/07/2002
URL : http://www.mineralogist.ru/
In our shop you can find for sale and exchange a large array of different mineral species. Basically we offer minerals from
Russia and the former USSR territory, Italy, and Switzerland.

SimplyElegantGemstones.com Visit Site
Hits : 3185 since 04/02/2002
URL : http://www.simplyElegantGemstones.com
Unique, beatifully designed Gemstone Jewelry

So Cal Gem - fine colored stones Visit Site
Hits : 3627 since 07/05/2001
URL : http://www.socalgem.com/home.htm
At socalgem.com you will find exceptional colored stones including tourmaline such as rubellite, indicolite, verdelite - garnet varieties including spessartine - beryls such as aquamarine and emerald - spodumene including kunzite - as well as beautiful jewelry and fine carvings.

TAK's Mineral Photo Gallery Visit Site
Hits : 3361 since 28/12/2001
URL : http://www.ne.jp/asahi/tak/minerals/index.htm
I'm a Japanese mineral collector TAK. Two years have passed since I almost suddenly started to collect beautiful gifts from the earth. My favorite pastime used to be taking pictures of people and pretty landscapes. I now find myself taking pictures only of stones! As mineral photos have been accumulating, I decided to put some of them online. I hope you will enjoy visiting my photo gallery. Thank you. TAK

Thames Valley Minerals Visit Site
Hits : 3840 since 08/10/2002
URL : http://www.thamesvalleyminerals.com
Web Site Description : Specialist website for fine mineral specimens from
the UK and Worldwide. Hundreds of specimens, thousands of photos -
articles of interest.

The Mineral Mall Visit Site
Hits : 3789 since 24/05/2001
URL : http://www.loghaven.com/themall/
We, at the Mineral Mall, will endeavor to offer you, the mineral collector, highly desirable mineral specimens at affordable prices. Each mineral specimen that we purchase for resale will be individually selected with you, the collector, in mind. We will strive to do our best to make your visit to the Mineral Mall an enjoyable experience.

Top 50 Gem and Mineral sites Visit Site
Hits : 4437 since 08/08/2001
URL : http://www.topsitelists.com/topsites.cgi?ID=189&user=shamrokxls&area=run
Top Site List - lot of good mineral sites !!

TOPMIN - Fine Minerals Visit Site
Hits : 3632 since 07/08/2001
URL : http://www.topmin.de/
Alot of fluorites and other good minerals for collectors.

WildaboutRocks Visit Site
Hits : 3027 since 17/06/2002
URL : http://www.wildaboutrocks.com/
Dealers in quality mineral, rock and fossil specimens for your collection, from beginner to advanced.

Wonders of the Mine Visit Site
Hits : 3585 since 08/05/2001
URL : http://www.wondersofthemine.com/
I personally mine 80 - 90% of my products, traveling about the US to dig & collect in some of the coolest areas ever explored by man. What products I don't dig myself, I purchase direct from the owners of various mines. I do this to get the BEST quality specimens at the lowest prices........