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2 - Jeremejevi (Cul)
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32 - Kotoite (GMi)
33 - Aragonite (Rol)
34 - Lazulite, (Rol)
35 - Tripuhyite (Rol) - Rolando Minerals Home Page  



The Gian Mario Motta Collection

Gian Mario is a long time personal friend which has been collecting minerals for most of his life. During the past 15+ years he has focused exclusively on native elements, sulphides and sulphosalts. His skills as well as his good eye for special pieces helped him in building a collection limited in numbers but with several high quality specimen. The collection was rich of european classics (Romania, Germany and of course Italy) as well as of contemporary classics expecially from the silver and tin mines of Mexico and South America (Peru and Bolivia). Recently he decided to sell his entire collection which I was proud to acquire. In Minservice you find a gallery devoted to the G.M. Collection.

I hope you enjoy it

Namibia and South Africa special gallery

High quality plexiglas base with beveled edges.


Who I am

Rolando's Minerals is a part time minerals dealership based near Turin in northern Italy that I just started over taking advantage of an opportunity offered to me by my friend Athos Locatelli.

I am a collector of "affordable" display quality specimens including some systematic yet aesthetic specimens.

My story is a common one, over the years specimens gets in the collection and others do get out and these last ones goes into boxes and take dust.
Sometimes it happens that to buy that particular specimens you have to buy a bunch of other specimens, as it happens that while you enjoy your holidays in exotic countries (well know to us collectors) you don't resist to walk around and shop some specimens here and there. I never buy in quantity but rather I try to select those few that says something to me.

The bottom line is that in my web pages you will see the type of specimens I do like and hope you will share my like for some of them.

Enjoy your visit

Danilo Rolando

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Thursday, October 10, 2019

fyi, 15 specimen just published.
I hope you enjoy these minerals.
If you have any questions please write to me.

Kind Regards



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