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1 - Fuchsite, (Rol)
2 - Sampleite, (Rol)
3 - Pyromorphi (Rol)
4 - Brookite o (Rol)
5 - Smithsonit (Rol)
6 - B-Roselite (Rol)
7 - Monazite, (Rol)
8 - Descloizit (Rol)
9 - Datolite (Rol)
10 - Pentlandit (Rol)
11 - Mottramite (Rol)
12 - Mimetite, (Rol)
13 - Vanadinite (Rol)
14 - Pollucite (Rol)
15 - Vanadinite (GMi)
16 - Vivianite (GMi)
17 - Vivianite (GMi)
18 - Vivianite (GMi)
19 - Pyrite (GMi)
20 - Beryl (GMi)
21 - Siderite (GMi)
22 - Canavesite (GMi)
23 - Cassiterit (GMi)
24 - Romanechit (GMi)
25 - Almandine (GMi)
26 - Cesarolite (GMi)
27 - Aragonite (GMi)
28 - Newberyite (Rol)
29 - Hutchinson (Rol)
30 - Mimetite (Rol)
31 - Boulangeri (Rol)
32 - Analcime (Rol)
33 - Harmotome (Rol)
34 - Vesuvianit (Rol)
35 - Meionite ( (Rol)
36 - Sturmanite (Rol)
37 - Silver, Ac (Rol)
38 - Dolomite, (Rol)
39 - Olmiite (Rol)
40 - Pyromorphi (Rol)
41 - Epidote (Rol)
42 - Corundum v (Rol)
43 - Iowaite (Min)
44 - Tourmaline (Min)
45 - Pyroxmangi (Min)
46 - Stokesite (Min)
47 - Sphalerite (Min)
48 - Rhodochros (Min)
49 - Iquiqueite (Min)
50 - Hilgardite (Min)
51 - Krφhnkite (Min)
52 - Dravite (Min)
53 - Franklinit (Min)
54 - Tsumcorite (Min)
55 - Kimuraite- (Min)
56 - Margarite (Min)
57 - Aurichalci (Min)
58 - Protochabo (Min)
59 - Philipsbor (Min)
60 - Miserite (Rol)

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Rolando's Minerals is a part time minerals dealership based near Turin in northern Italy that I just started over taking advantage of an opportunity offered to me by my friend Athos Locatelli.
I am a collector of "affordable" display quality specimens including some systematic yet aesthetic specimens.
My story is a common one, over the years specimens gets in the collection and others do get out and these last ones goes into boxes and take dust.
Sometimes it happens that to buy that particular specimens you have to buy a bunch of other specimens, as it happens that while you enjoy your holidays in exotic countries (well know to us collectors) you don't resist to walk around and shop some specimens here and there. I never buy in quantity but rather I try to select those few that says something to me.
The bottom line is that in my web pages you will see the type of specimens I do like and hope you will share my like for some of them.

Enjoy your visit

Danilo Rolando

June 14, 2024
- 15 specimen just published - more..

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Fuchsite, Quartz
Fuchsite, Quartz - Linopolis, Divino das Laranjerais, Minas Gerais, Brazil (#11196_FUCH_DANI)
Our Price: €120,00

Sampleite, Atacamite
Sampleite, Atacamite - La Farola mine, Tierra Amarilla - Chile (#11112_SAMP_DANI)
Our Price: €48,00

Pyromorphite - Rosenberg mine, Braubach, Bad Ems district, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany (#11102_PYRO_DANI)
Our Price: €30,00

Brookite on Quartz
Brookite on Quartz - Magnet Cove, Hot Spring Co., Arkansas, USA (#11086_BROO_DANI)
Our Price: €58,00

Smithsonite - Tsumeb mine, Tsumeb, Namibia (#11081_SMIT_DANI)
Our Price: €148,00

B-Roselite - Aghbar, Bou Azer District, Souss-Massa-Draβ Region, Morocco (#11076_ROSE_DANI)
Our Price: €120,00

Monazite, Quartz
Monazite, Quartz - Siglo XX mine, Llallagua, ,Potosν Department, Bolivia (#11075_MONA_DANI)
Our Price: €150,00

Descloizite - Berg Aukas mine, Grootfontein District - Namibia (#11072_DESC_DANI)
Our Price: €148,00

Datolite - Taro Valley, Emilia-Romagna, Italy (#11056_DATO_DANI)
Our Price: €78,00

Pentlandite - Poggio San Vittore mine, Balangero, Piedmont, Italy (#11016_PENT_DANI)
Our Price: €38,00

Mottramite, Duftite, Calcite
Mottramite, Duftite, Calcite - Tsumeb Mine, Tsumeb - Namibia (#10998_MOTT_DANI)
Our Price: €118,00

Mimetite, Calcite, Hemimorphite
Mimetite, Calcite, Hemimorphite - Santa Eulalia, Aquiles Serdΰn, Chihuahua, Mexico (#10843_MIME_DANI)
Our Price: €120,00

Vanadinite - Mibladen Mining district, Morocco (#10639_VANA_DANI)
Our Price: €68,00

Pollucite - Paprok, Kamdesh district, Nuristan, Afghanistan (#10623_POLL_DANI)
Our Price: €78,00

Newberyite - (TL)
Newberyite - (TL) - Skipton Caves, Mt. Widderin, Skipton, Victoria, Australia (#12078_NEWB_DANI)
Our Price: €32,00

Hutchinsonite - Quiruvilca mine, Santiago de Chuco, La Libertad, Peru (#12046_HUTC_DANI)
Our Price: €100,00

Mimetite - Mount Bonnie mine, Grove Hill, Northern Territory, Australia (#11840_MIME_DANI)
Our Price: €68,00

Boulangerite - Bottino Mine, Tuscany, Italy (#11698_BOUL_DANI)
Our Price: €68,00

Analcime - Antrim Co., Ulster, Northern Ireland, UK (#11667_ANAL_DANI)
Our Price: €22,00

Harmotome - Fittΰ, Soave, Veneto, Italy (#11659_HARM_DANI)
Our Price: €38,00

Vesuvianite, Clinochlore
Vesuvianite, Clinochlore - Rocca Sella, Susa valley, Piedmont, Italy (#11506_VESU_DANI)
Our Price: €78,00

Meionite (TL)
Meionite (TL) - Mount Vesuvius, Campania, Italy (#10984_MEIO_DANI)
Our Price: €140,00

Sturmanite - N'Chwaning II mine, Kuruman, KMF - South Africa (#10848_STUR_DANI)
Our Price: €78,00

Silver, Acanthite
Acanthite, Quartz - Uchucchacua mine, Oyon, Peru (#10792_SILV_DANI)
Our Price: €230,00

Dolomite, Quartz, Pyrite
Dolomite, Quartz, Pyrite - Huanzala mine, Huanuco, Dos De Mayo, Peru (#10638_DOLO_DANI)
Our Price: €68,00

Olmiite - N'Chwaning II mine, KMF, South Africa (#10582_OLMI_DANI)
Our Price: €200,00

Pyromorphite - Vale das Gatas mines, Sabrosa, Vila Real, Portugal (#10569_PYRO_DANI)
Our Price: €180,00

Epidote - Prince of Wales, Alaska, USA (#10531_EPID_DANI)

Corundum var. Sapphire
Corundum var. Sapphire - Zazafotsi, Madagascar (#10526_CORU_DANI)
Our Price: €150,00

Miserite- Mont Saint Hilaire, Quιbec, Canada (#11848_MISE_DANI)
Our Price: €28,00

Moorhouseite - Svornost mine, Jαchymov, Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic (#11825_MOOR_DANI)
Our Price: €32,00

Meionite (TL)
Meionite (TL) - Mt Somma, Campania, Italy (#11811_MEIO_DANI)
Our Price: €62,00

Barrerite (TL)
Barrerite (TL) - Sant' Efisio, Capo di Pula, Pula, Sardinia, Italy (#11405_BARR_DANI)
Our Price: €38,00

Beyerite - Schneeberg, Erzgebirgskreis, Saxony, Germany (#11403_BEYE_DANI)

Rhodonite, Kutnohorite
Rhodonite, Kutnohorite - Molinello mine, Reppia, Liguria, Italy (#11183a_RHOD_DANI)
Our Price: €78,00

Apatite,Formazza Valley, Verbano-Cusio-Ossola, Piedmont, Italy (#11032_APAT_DANI)

Ortoclase, Quartz
Ortoclase, Quartz - Baveno, Piedmont, Italy (#11026_ORTH_DANI)
Our Price: €118,00

Kermesite, Arsenic
Kermesite, Arsenic - Valtellina, Lombardy, Italy (#11023_KERM_DANI)

Anhydrite and Ankerite
Anhydrite and Ankerite - Campiano mine, Montieri, ,Tuscany, Italy (#11019_ANHY_DANI)
Our Price: €98,00

Pyrite, Pyrrhotite
Pyrite, Pyrrhotite - Santa Eulalia, Aquiles Serdΰn, Chihuahua, Mexico (#10972_PYRI_DANI)
Our Price: €28,00

Axinite -(Fe)
Axinite -(Fe) - Ras Koh Mountains, Kharan district, ,Balochistan, Pakistan (#10969_AXIN_DANI)
Our Price: €120,00

Almandine Garnet
Almandine Garnet - Codera Valley, Lombardy, Italy (#10965_ALMA_DANI)
Our Price: €32,00

Andradite Garnet
Andradite Garnet - Sasso Rosso, Tuscany, Italy (#10964_ANDR_DANI)
Our Price: €22,00

Libethenite - Miguel Vacas mine, Vila Viηosa, Ιvora, Portugal (#10563_LIBE_DANI)
Our Price: €180,00

Natrolite - Altavilla quarry, Altavilla, Veneto, Italy (#10995_NATR_DANI)
Our Price: €42,00

Goethite - Traveresella mine, Traversella, Piedmont, Italy (#11803a_GOET_DANI)
Our Price: €32,00

Rosasite, Hemimorphite
Rosasite, Hemimorphite - Ojuela mine, Mapimμ, Durango, Mexico (#11687_ROSA_DANI)
Our Price: €32,00

Cetineite - Le Cetine mine, Chiusdino, Tuscany, Italy (#11419_CETI_DANI)
Our Price: €72,00

Augite var. Fassaite
Augite var. Fassaite - Monzoni Mountains, Trentino-Alto-Adige, Italy (#10989_AUGI_DANI)
Our Price: €38,00

Metacinnabar - Amiata Mount, Tuscany, Italy (#11820_META_DANI)
Our Price: €28,00

Pyrargyrite, Acanthite, Siderite
Pyrargyrite, Acanthite, Siderite - San Genaro mine, Castrovirreyna, Huancavelica, Peru (#10656a_PYRA_DANI)
Our Price: €350,00

Montmorillonite - Gambatesa Mine, Graveglia Valley, Italy (#11842_MONT_DANI)
Our Price: €28,00

Apophyllite- Poona quarries, Poona, Maharashtra, India (#10640a_APHO_DANI)
Our Price: €38,00

Monazite - Cuzzago mine, Premosello Chiovenda, Piedmont, Italy (#11843_MONA_DANI)
Our Price: €38,00

Fluorite - Vignola mine, Pergine Valsugana, Trentino-Alto Adige, Italy (#10506a_FLUO_DANI)
Our Price: €48,00

Marialite - Fΰ Valley, Niardo, Lombardy, Italy (#11851_MARI_DANI)
Our Price: €28,00

Fluorapatite - Sγo Geraldo do Baixio, Minas Gerais, Brazil (#11872a_APAT_DANI)
Our Price: €32,00

Cornetite - Star of the Congo Mine, Shaba, Democratic Republic of Congo (#10052c_CORN_DANI)
Our Price: €100,00

Uranophane - Faraday mine, Faraday Township, Ontario, Canada (#12689_URAN_DANI)
Our Price: €85,00

Franklinite - Sterling Hill mine, Franklin, New Jersey, USA (#12053_FRAN_DANI)
Our Price: €28,00

Manandonite (TL)
Manandonite (TL) - Antandrokomby pegmatite, Manandona Valley, Fianarantsoa, Madagascar (#9942a_MANA_DANI)
Our Price: €68,00

Lanthanite-Ce - Bearpaw Mountains, Hill Co., Montana, USA (#11920_LANT_DANI)
Our Price: €48,00

Thomsenolite (TL)
Thomsenolite (TL) - Ivigtut, Greenland (#11916_THOM_DANI)
Our Price: €28,00

Chalcoalumite - Grand View mine, Horseshoe Mesa, Arizona, USA (#9817a_CHAL_DANI)
Our Price: €108,00

Tilasite - Hartkoppe, Sailauf, Bavaria, Germany (#11900_TILA_DANI)
Our Price: €58,00

Tuscanite - Sacrofano, Latium, Italy (#11897_TUSC_DANI)
Our Price: €42,00

Triplite, Chabazite, Vonsenite
Triplite, Chabazite, Vonsenite - Vallerano quarries, Valleranello, Latium, Italy (#9731a_TRIP_DANI)
Our Price: €48,00

Tavorite, Robertsite, Kidwellite
Tavorite, Robertsite, Kidwellite - Tip Top mine, Custer Co., South Dakota, USA (#11892_TAVO_DANI)
Our Price: €38,00

Phosphoferrite - Hagendorf, Waidhaus, Bavaria, Germany (#11887_PHOS_DANI)
Our Price: €18,00

Colemanite - Jennifer mine, Boron, California, USA (#8760a_COLE_DANI)
Our Price: €22,00

Celadonite - Nulvi, Sardinia, Italy (#11425_CELA_DANI)
Our Price: €28,00

Parabutlerite (TL)
Parabutlerite (TL) - Alcaparrosa mine, Cerritos Bayos, Calama, Antofagasta, Chile (#8490a_PARA_DANI)
Our Price: €38,00

Hureaulite, Jahnsite, Leucophosphite, Rockbridgeite
Hureaulite, Jahnsite, Leucophosphite, Rockbridgeite - Tip Top Mine, Fourmile, South Dakota, USA (#10594_HURE_DANI)
Our Price: €108,00

Zirconolite - Castellaccio di Petrignano, Latium, Italy (#11528_ZIRC_DANI)
Our Price: €38,00

Hydrotalcite - Kovdor Zheleznyi mine, Kovdor Massif, Murmansk, Russia (#11549_HYDR_DANI)
Our Price: €32,00

Merlinoite (TL), Phillipsite
Merlinoite (TL), Phillipsite - Cupaello quarry, Santa Rufina, ,Latium, Italy (#11814_MERL_DANI)
Our Price: €38,00

Marcasite - Oumjrane mining area, Tinghir, Drβa-Tafilalet, Morocco (#10377a_MARC_DANI)
Our Price: €68,00

Baryte,Bou Nahas mine, Oumjrane mining area, Alnif, Meknθs-Tafilalet (#12669_BARY_DANI)
Our Price: €780,00

Montesommaite (TL)
Montesommaite (TL) - Pollena quarries, Monte Somma, Campania, Italy (#9727a_MONT_DANI)
Our Price: €48,00

Serandite, Donnayite-Y, Aegirine
Serandite, Donnayite-Y, Aegirine - Poudrette quarry, Mont Saint-Hilaire, Quebec, Canada (#12696_SERA_DANI)
Our Price: €250,00

Quartz var. Amethyst
Quartz var. Amethyst - Bor Pit, Dal'negorsk B deposit, Dal'negorsk, Russia (#9576b_QUAR_DANI)
Our Price: €120,00

Topazolite Garnet
Topazolite Garnet - Roch Neir, Balme, Piedmont, Italy (#3701_TOPA_DANI)
Our Price: €48,00

Hematite - Fibbia, St Gotthard massif, Tessin, Switzerland (#12694_HEMA_DANI)
Our Price: €220,00

Pyrite, Galena, Baryte
Pyrite, Galena, Baryte - San Josι mine, Oruro City, Bolivia (#12366_PYRI_DANI)
Our Price: €58,00

Medaite - Molinello mine, Reppia, Liguria, Italy (#12690_MEDA_DANI)
Our Price: €188,00

Manganvesuvianite (TL)
Manganvesuvianite - N'Chwaning II Mine, Kuruman, KMF - S. Africa (#12688_MANG_DANI)
Our Price: €210,00

Galena, Sphalerite, Quartz
Galena, Sphalerite, Quartz - Casapalca mine, Casapalca, Huarochiri, Lima (#11140_GALE_DANI)
Our Price: €88,00

Sphalerite - Trepča complex, Kosovo (#11099_SPHA_DANI)

Acanthite, Quartz
Acanthite, Quartz - Uchucchacua mine, Oyon, Peru (#11088_ACAN_DANI)
Our Price: €188,00

Sphalerite, Galena
Sphalerite, Galena - Cerro de Pasco, Pasco, Peru (#11014_SPHA_DANI)
Our Price: €88,00

Vesuvianite - Mt Somma, Campania, Italy (#10936_VESU_DANI)
Our Price: €98,00

Siegenite, Dolomite
Siegenite, Dolomite - Buick mine, Bixby, Missouri, USA (#12684_SIEG_DANI)
Our Price: €165,00

Hematite, Rutile, Quartz
Hematite, Rutile, Quartz - Cavradi gorge - Grischun, Switzerland (#12682_HEMA_DANI)
Our Price: €280,00

Vesuvianite, Phlogophite
Vesuvianite, Phlogophite - Mt Somma, Campania, Italy (#12383_VESU_DANI)
Our Price: €28,00

Grossular Garnet var. Hessonite
Grossular Garnet var. Hessonite, Faiallo pass, Liguria , Italy (#11206_HESS_DANI)
Our Price: €120,00

Ilvaite, Quartz
Ilvaite, Quartz - Huanggang mine, Chifeng, Inner Mongolia, China (#10891_ILVA_DANI)
Our Price: €280,00

Bixbyite and Topaz
Bixbyite and Topaz - Thomas Range - USA (#10622a_BIXB_DANI)
Our Price: €60,00

Eosphorite, Quartz
Eosphorite, Quartz - Jenipapo, Itinga, Minas Gerais, Brazil (#10400a_EOSP_DANI)

Clinozoisite - Concession Morgan 3, Coayllo, Dos De Mayo, Peru (#10363a_CLIN_DANI)
Our Price: €280,00

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